Alchemic Citadel Modifica

When called, place Alchemic Citadel in your Wilds or Matrix. Treat it exactly as a location card appropriate to that area. Attacks may not target or be launched from Alchemic Citadel. For every Tek you control, place one token on Alchemic Citadel. You need one less tau to activate a gate for every two tokens on Alchemic Citadel. Ankh of the Necropolis: Open and obliterate Ankh of the Necropolis to retrieve one character from any oblivion and place it in your hand. This ability may be played as a miracle. This ancient Egyptian artifact is rumored to contain the spirit of Ranses II. Ark of the Covenant: Open and strike to open X characters or locations you control and simultaneously ready X different characters or locations you control. "I... wept, for my eyes had seen that secret and conjectured object whose name is common to all men but which no man has looked upon..." Jorge Luis Borges Asser Criel: Attach to any character card to give it +0/+4. The sacred breastblate of the Word, this relic is rumored to be in the possession of Dubiel the Ethnarch. Aureum Vellus: Open and pay X aura to open or ready target character or aleph card. X equals aura required to call target card. This ability may be played as a miracle. This work is rumored to have been penned by Cartephilus, the Roman blasphemer cursed with eternal life. Balance of the Qaddisin: Obliterate Balance of the Qaddisin to force all players to obliterate Hosts they control until they have in play the same number as the player with the least amount of Hosts when Balance of the Qaddisin is obliterated. Basilica Philosophica: When called, place Basilica in your Wilds or Matrix. Treat Basilica exactly like a location appropriate to the area in which it was placed. Attacks may not target or be launched from Basilica. Each ready Host attached to Basilica may cast 2 additional votes during the presentation phase of Aereopagus voting. If Basilica is removed from play, all cards attached to it are obliterated. Book of the Angel Raziel: Open to draw one card from your deck. Without looking at card face, place card face-down benearh the book of the Angel Raziel. Open and strike Book to add one random card beneath the Book to your hand. Both of these abilities may be played as a miracle. Its pages reveal the deepest secrets of the One City. Cosmic Furnace: Open and pay 2 aura to generate a Soul token. Treat this token as an unconvicted Heathen with 1/1 attack/defense value. Attache soul token to the location to which Cosmic Furnace is attached. Alchemists are among the most respected members of any Ethnarch's retinue. Crown of Solomon: Attach to target Heathen. Target may now challenge any Host of Heathen exactly as if target was a Host. If a Heathen declines a challenge issued by target, target's controller gains tau equal to the defense value of declining Heathen. Cup of Oblivion: While Cup of Oblivion is in play, all players must skip their ready cards phase. From its depths can be heard the lamentations of countless souls... Diadem of Anu: While Diadem of Anu is in play, all unique cards lose their unique status, except Diadem of Anu. If Diadem of Anu is stricken or removed from play, all unique cards in play are obliterated. "On his brow sat wisdom, and in his hands he held the keys to the universe." Emerald Tablet: Open and pay up to 2 less aura to call a celestial power. Modified call value may not be less than 1 aura. "... and in the Aleph I saw the earth and in the earth the Aleph..." - Jorge Luis Borges Great Pack: While Great Pack is in play, all players must play with the cards in their hands face-up on the table. "Haphazardly, they'd go or stay,/But finally all fell in line;/Then as they passed, each turned my way/- And every face was mine..." Holy Grail: Open and pay X aura to place target character in any player's Matrix on any domain controlled by the same player. Open character and place 2+X tokens on it. Remove one token during each of target controller's maintenance phases. If target does not jack in before the last token is removed, obliterate target. Horn of Reckoning: Obliterate Horn of Reckoning to ready all of your characters. This ability may be played as a miracle. The fabled horn of Israfel, its call is rumored to herald the final judgment. Rodolphine Tables: Open to turn all face-down cards in play face-up. As long as Rodolphine Tables remain open, all cards must be brought into play face-up. You may choose not to ready Rodolphine Tables during your ready cards phase. Scythe of Saturn: Open and obliterate to shuffle your oblivion back into your deck. "And the Titans once again walk the earth, and woe to those who feel their wrath." - from the "Account of the Fallen" Seal of Solomon: Attach to target location. Any damage inflicted on location by Hosts is reduced to zero. There are few living scholars who remember the form or purpose of this great ward. Sword of Abdiel: Attach to target Host. Pay X aura to add +X/+0 to target Host during conflict. This ability may be played as a miracle. Lost during the time of the Inquisition, this relic is in the possession of the Conventicle of the Chalice. Abdiel wishes to regain his legacy. The Clavicule: Open and strike to prevent target player from intervening for remainder of turn. The fabled Book of Retrieval, this tome may be Solomon's greatest work. Vessel Of Hauras: If location on which Vessel of Hauras resides is attacked by one or more infernal Hosts, add the attack value of the attacking infernal Hosts to your current combat total. This relic is rumored to be in the possession of the Knight-Commander of the New Templars. Word of the Irin: Attach to target Heathen card. Heathen may now intervene. "When the stars align, the heavens will fall." - Codex of the Word "Well, grimmer, they fell. And it kinda sucks." - An Unhappy Camper, Federal Core World Tree: Open and strike to allow target player to build one additional location in both their Wilds and their Matrix. This ability may be played as a miracle. "If I'm not mistaken, the Axis Mundi has gained a bit of a tilt." - a sardonic mage to his pupils

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